Tumble Stone Crystal Healing Kit

Tumble Stone Crystal Healing Kit

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Invest in a natural, responsibly sourced chakra healing crystal set. 
This set includes 9 crystals which have been cleansed and blessed with Reiki. A Pouch to keep them in and a gift box. This makes the perfect gift for friend or yourself! 
Each stone is associated with one of the main chakras:
	Crown - Purple - Amethyst
	Third Eye - Dark Blue  - Blue Howlite
	Throat -  Light Blue -  Blue Lace Agate
	Heart - Green/Pink - Rose Quartz
	Solar Plexus - Yellow - Citrine 
	Sacral - Orange - Carnelian
	Root -  Red - Red Jasper
	Clear Quartz 
	Black Obsidian 

You can use these during self healing, meditation, reiki or crystal healing treatments.
They can be used individually to focus on one chakra or all together for full body balancing and healing. Place the Quartz above your body to connect to your higher self. Place the correspondong stone on each chakra point, finish with the Black Obsidian below your feet.

The stones within this set may vary in shape and size, they are chosen intuitiveley and there will be one stone per healing placement. 
If you woud like to have a distance Reiki and Crystal Healing Treatment please email callie.clarityhealing@gmail.com to book your treatment. 
If you would like more information on any of the stones inside your kit please email and the Clarity Team would be happy to assist you.

  • Care

    These stones are cleansed with reiki prior to embarking on their journey to you.

    We suggest blessing and programming your stones when you recieve them. Keep them in a safe space and treat them with the care they deserve. Cleanse the stones after each use.

    Do not get them wet.