Shungite Sphere

Shungite Sphere

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Shungites healing properties are also known to minimise the effect of EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) emitted by your electronics such as computers and mobile phones. What makes Shungite truly unique is the way in which it neutralises the harmful energies emitted by these devices to protect your energy. Besides the detoxifying and purifying effect it can also work to protect and heal the mind body and spirit.


Crystal Healing

Placing a piece of Shungite around your various home electronic devices will not interfere with their operations, but it will minimize the harmful effects of their EMFs. However, its not just EMF's you should consider when choosing this stone. Shungite is a powerful healing, grounding and protective stone. Wear a shungite necklace to protect your energy. Place Shungite by your root chakra to ground or place on an area of inflammation to promote a healing effect.