Natural Gemstone Amazonite Hair Grips - Reiki Blessed

Natural Gemstone Amazonite Hair Grips - Reiki Blessed

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x4 Natural Amazonite hair clips, hand made and blessed with Reiki.

Each set will be different because these are natural stones. Colours will vary. Some stones may have multiple shades within them. This is a part of their beauty. 


Wear the power of nature everyday.


Crystal Healing

Amazonite has a powerful filtering action. It is said to filter the information received and combines it with your intuition. Its known to be a soothing stone that calms the mind and aligns the physical body with the etherial. By balancing both masculine and feminine energies which helps the owner to see both sides of view.


At an emotional level Amazonite is used to sooth emotional trauma, anxiety and fear. It dispells negativity and aggravation.

Amazonite connects to both the heart and the throat chakra which is good for opening up healthy, caring and loving communication. We suggest wearing an Amazonite necklace for improvements in communication. It is also know to open up the third eye chakra.


Reiki Infused

Every item purchased from Clarity Healing will be cleansed then blessed with the healing powers of Usui Reiki. If you would like an intention programmed into your purchase please message upon purchase.