Chakra Healing Crystal Set

Chakra Healing Crystal Set

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Invest in a natural, responsibly sourced chakra healing crystal set. 

All genuine crystals. 


This set includes 7 crsytals which have been cleansed and blessed with Reiki. 

Each stone is associated with one of the main charkras:

  • Crown - Purple
  • Third Eye - Dark Blue 
  • Throat -  Light Blue
  • Heart - Green or Pink
  • Solar Plexus - Yellow 
  • Sacral - Orange 
  • Root -  Red

You can use these during self healing, meditation, reiki or crystal healing treatments.

They can be used individually to focus on one chakra or all together for full body balancing and healing. 

The stones iwhint this set may vary but there will be one stome per chakra. 

These can be shiped direct from the supplier to minimise the carbon footprint. 

  • Care

    Be careful with these crystals, treat them with compassion and respect. Avoid submerging them in water.