Black Obsidian Sphere

Black Obsidian Sphere

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Black Obsidian is an extremely powerful and creative stone. It is known to ground the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane (earth). As well as increasing ones self control. Black Obsidian takes you deep into your subconscious and forces you to face up to your true self including your imbalances and shadow-self. 


Crystal Healing 

Black Obsidian is protective. It disperses unkind thoughts and repels negativity. It supports during changes and helps to dispel what no longer serves you. Black Obsidian Spheres are used in meditation and scrying. Clear Quartz can be used to ground and articulate what is revealed through meditative and scrying processes. To heal place the stone onto the root chakra for grounding, or onto the navel to ground spiritual energy into the body. If you're seeking to break through mental barriers hold briefly over your third eye.