Aura Quartz Point

Aura Quartz Point

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Aura Quartz is an extremely high vibrational stone that’s energies can be felt, no matter the sensitivity of a person. 
Aura Quartz is the perfect stone to call upon when you feel emotionally distressed. With the news of another lockdown we feel the need to call upon these angelic stones more and more. It is said that this stone works to protect your aura and help you to achieve inner peace, mental #clarity and pure serenity.
Reiki Infused
Every item purchased from Clarity Healing will be cleansed then blessed with the healing powers of Usui Reiki. If you would like an intention programmed into your purchase please message upon purchase.

Crystal healing
Aura Quartz is the perfect stone meditate with if you’re feeling emotionally unstable or distressed. The healing angelic energies that radiate from this stone provide a protective shield around your aura that help provide inner peace, mental clarity, highented intellect, and pure serenity.
This blessed Quartz can provide enough energy to fill a room with endless rays of uplifting, calming and protective energy.
I use this stone to stabilise my emotional state. Especially important once a month (ladies you know what we mean). Place this stone near by to utilise this energy.
Angel Aura Quartz can be used to draw in transformation in your life. It can help guide you to make decisions and take action towards what you truly desire. Point the stone towards you to draw in energy and away from you to remove.
  • Care

    Crystal points are delicate so please handle with care. To help protect during shipping we will place some tack over the point .

    Every crystal we send is cleansed and blessed with reiki prior to embarking on its journey to you.