Amazonite Heart

Amazonite Heart

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Amazonite has a powerful filtering action. It is said to filter the infomation recieved and combines it wit your intuition. Its known to be a soothing stone that calms the mind and aligns the physicl body with the ethering. By balancing both masculine and feminine energies which helps the owner to see both sides of view.


Crystal Healing

At an emotional level Amazonite is used to sooth emotional trauma, anxiety and fear. It dispells negativity and aggravation.

Amazonite connects to noth the Heart and the Throat Chakra whihc is good for opening up healthy, caring and loving comminucation. We suggest wearing an amazonite necklace for improvements in communication. It is also know to open up the Third Eye Chakra. Cleanse and programme your crystal. Hold or place over your chosen chakra point.