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Crystals for Self Healing

Join me for an introduction to crystals and their healing energies!

I believe that the treatments we seek should be as individual as we are. We may have the same diagnosis but it doesn't mean the exact same treatment should be prescribed for both. When looking at health and wellness the pillars to consider are physical health, the physical health of the body, mental health looking after our minds, emotional health, seeking ways to nurture our emotions in a compassionate way, then there's our spirit. This last one is truly individual to us all.

A way to nurture ones self is with the use of items from nature. I myself have found comfort and support from natural minerals and gemstones and through this I have created a workshop dedicated to sharing ways to introduce crystals into your life for self healing. In this workshop you are invited to learn how to:

  • Choose a crystal

  • Cleanse a crystal

  • Program a crystal

  • Use crystals for self healing

  • Store your crystals.

By learning the basics you can utilise crystals help to balance your energy, unblock your chakras, ground your energy and heal yourself with their gentle yet powerful vibrations. Additionally using a combination of healing crystals and Usui Reiki as a holistic practitioner I will perform a deeply nourishing, balancing and healing ritual and offer a guided meditation for you to follow.

This online workshop includes a FREE copy of my Crystals for Self Healing PDF work book. This is yours to keep and refer to after the course. I look forward to seeing you online and welcoming you to this healing space.

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