Our Practitioners


Callie Rashid

Practitioner & Founder of Clarity Healing

Managing Director of The Clarity Therapy Centre


  • Usui Reiki Practitioner 

  • Meditation Teacher 

  • Crystal Healing Practitioner

  • Sound Healing Practitioner


Holistic therapy is a form of healing that focuses on treating the person as a whole. Considering the mind, body and the spirit to achieve wellness. It's about creating a life that's in balance. As a holistic practitioner I believe that if one area of ourselves is struggling, affected or in need of support it can affect our overall health. Which is why I have trained and continue to learn new skills that focus on treating each person a a whole. 

​The idea for the Clarity Therapy Centre came from looking for a place to work holistically as a practitioner.  I wanted to work within a centre that encompassed a holistic approach to health and wellness. A place where people were treated as a whole and where the stigma of mental, emotional and spiritual health did not exist. With a background in private health care as a practitioner and manager, as well as the skills I was developing as a therapist, I decided to form the Clarity Therapy Centre. The centre where Clarity Healing is based. 


The Clarity Therapy Centre and Clarity Healing has a person centred approach. The client journey is considered at every stage. From the ease of booking an appointment, to the facilities in the client waiting area and of course, the security of booking treatments with qualified, dedicated professionals. The Centre and Clarity Healing has been set up to enable practitioners to offer the very best services. The therapeutic services, classes and workshops offered have been thoughtfully curated to offer the very best to our clients. We offer in person and online services to ensure our offerings are accessible to all.


My Journey 

My own spiritual journey started at a young age. My mother was a spiritual person and always taught me to be open minded and to be aware of my intuition and feelings. Through her open mindedness I began my own research and walked a path that introduced me to Usui Reiki, Crystal healing, NLP, Coaching and Psychotherapy. I am always studying and learning. I learn through continuing my formal education, workshops, CPD events, through the people I meet and my own life experiences. I work to combine all that I experience into my own self healing and to improve the services I provide my clients. For my own self healing I try to live mindfully and with compassion. I meditate everyday, follow a spiritual path and spend lot of time with my two little poodles. 


I look forward to welcoming you as a client and hope to help you on your own therapeutic healing journey.