Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Using a combination of the healing benefits of natural crystals and Usui Reiki, the Clarity Healing Team provide a personalised treatment designed just for you.

Crystal treatments are 1 hour long and include a full body Usui Reiki healing treatment. Crystal healing is particularly effective for clearing energy and balancing the chakras. 

During the treatment we work with the bodies 7 main chakras and with your energy flow, opening blockages and harmonising the energies to promote balance. We intuitively select the crystals we use from our large selection of natural crystals and minerals. We work with colour association and can provide you more information on the connection between colour, crystals and healing. During the treatment with your permission we will place the crystals on and around you. Our treatments are tailored to how your energy presents on the day so no two treatments will be the same. 

At the end of the treatment we will offer you a beverage and a chance to discuss the treatment. We will provide information on the crystals used within your treatment.


To encourage you to continue your therapeutic journey at home we will provide you with a crystal as a gift to take with you. 


What can Crystal Healing and Reiki treat?

Crystal Healing and Reiki can encourage deep relaxation and is noted to promote a calm, peaceful sense of wellbeing. Crystals are used to enhance the Reiki treatment and help to balance  and harmonise your energy. 

Here is a list of examples of how the service may help you:


  • Stress reduction and stress related physical and mental issues

  • Reduce symptoms of depression

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Encourage mental clarity

  • Improve sleep issues

  • Reduce pain

  • Relaxation before or after surgery 

  • Improve general wellness

  • Release trauma or grief

  • Help with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing 

  • Spiritual alignment and balancing​

Crystal Reiki Healing can be used safely by people of all ages, including pregnancy clients as well as children and babies. 

How long is treatment?

Crystal Healing is offered as a full body 60 minute treatment. Crystal healing focusses on the Chakra system and your energy flow. For an initial treatment we advise working through all of the chakras and we may intuitively choose to focus on a chakra for longer if we feel it is needed. We combine the healing properties of natural crystals with the divine energy of Usui Reiki. Before and after your treatment there will be a short time to discuss what you would like to achieve, how to tailor your treatment for your needs and to talk about your experiences. Depending on the reason for your treatment we may suggest a course of treatment and then some maintenance sessions. This healing can be adapted to fit into your schedule and be offered via distance healing too. 

We look forward to welcoming you as a client and hope the treatment enables you on your wellness journey to achieve clarity. A clear body and a clear mind. 

Still not sure?

The reason we feel so confident in offering Reiki and Crystal Healing is that even if you are sceptical about the treatment and the existence of Reiki or the power of Crystals, there is notable benefits to pausing and allowing yourself to be nurtured. By booking an appointment you are taking the time to look after yourself and have a practitioner listen to you. In our sessions we offer you a chance to talk about what's on your mind, you will then have up to an hours time where you can completely relax. The session is for you. It is your time, no one needs or wants anything from you. Our role is to ensure you are in a relaxing, comforting environment. If you are experiencing an in person treatment you will be laying down under a snuggly blanket, the lights dimmed and with your choice of relaxing music and aromatherapy scent. Whilst offering the treatments the practitioner will be reciting positive thoughts, wishes and blessings for you (in their head). You may feel a comforting heat from their hands. Many clients often wonder if they have dosed off as they become completely and utterly relaxed. So even if you don't believe in universal life energy, we hope you can see the benefits of completely relaxing your mind, body and spirit.